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It’s mid August which means some children are returning to school but it does not mean summer is over. There is still plenty of sunshine and barbeques to be had. Labor day is still a month away! I’ve rounded up the perfect vegan grilling recipes that will certainly impress your family and guests alike. To get the step-by-step instructions simply click on the pictures to go to the recipes!


via Delicious Everyday

Is it just me or are kebobs so much fun to eat? But make sure to soak your skewers in water or use metal ones to avoid any flare ups!


via Minimalist Baker

Serve this beautiful grilled eggplant over rice for the easiest dinner ever!


via Fresh Off The Grid

Grilled. Sweet. Potato. Fajitas. I’m not sure you can get a cheaper dinner: Sweet Potatoes, Pepper and Onion!


via Ambitious Kitchen

Grilled pineapple is one of my favorite things ever. Obsessed with it on on pizza (I’m one of those people).. but especially on kebobs.


via Korasoi

You can always trust tiki masala to super flavorful. Combined with that fire-grilled taste: TO DIE FOR.


via The Fitchen

Can’t go wrong with mushroom veggie kabobs!


via Radiant Rachels

Pizza topped with grilled veggies. Add some dairy free cheese and you’ve hit all your important food groups 😉


And that’s it! 7 vegan grilling recipes perfect for your next barbeque or dinner. What is your favorite thing to grill? Mine might be dessert because I’m not sure anything can beat peaches and coconut “icecream”.