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My husband and I have lived in South Carolina for 5 years now and my in-laws just moved last month from Maryland to the area. We are so excited to have them close by because we truly enjoy their company. They have had an RV for a while now but haven’t been able to take any long trips due to their 9-5s. Well now that they are freshly retired they can finally hit the open road. They invited my husband and I to go on a 1 month trip to Maine from South Carolina. We both work at home and like many love the idea of being able to travel more often. The answer was a definite yes!

Once I have an upcoming event I try to organize (more like obsess) about every single detail until we leave. I may have started my amazon wish list months before we left and pinned places to go along the way that evening.

A little about the RV: It’s a 2016 Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite. That means nothing to me but maybe that means something to you. haha. There is a queen sized bed loft over the driver’s seats and that is where my husband and I will be sleeping. Because the ceiling is very low and sloped it will certainly be a tight squeeze. I am only 5′ but my husband is 6′ 2″ so my goal is to make us as comfortable as possible since we will be gone for so long.

Below is a list of items I will be purchasing from good ol’ Amazon to hopefully make our lives easier.


Although the RV does have air conditioner we are sleeping on the top bunk and this gets very stuffy very quickly. I like to be nice and cool especially when I sleep and I think this fan will do the trick. We also plan to “dry camp” (no hook ups) every other day which is why I picked out 2 fan options that are battery powered. My first pick (left) was out of stock as I’m writing this so I will be purchasing the 2nd.


In the bed, right above our heads, there is a valance and I’m thinking it would be nice to clip a cell phone holder on it so we can lay on our backs and watch Netflix or Youtube on our phones. Since there will be others in the RV we will also be purchasing wireless headphones because wires hanging down from the phone I’m sure would get annoying.


Not only will we have 4 adults in the car but also a little pug dog. I usually work very late hours and sleep in late. My in-laws get up at normal people times so I think the ear plugs will come in handy. When I do crawl out of bed I love spending time outdoors breathing in the fresh air. However I do not enjoy mosquitoes that much which is why I think this hammock will be perfect. Not only can it fit both my husband and I but the reviews sound like it’s easy to put up and take down. Fingers crossed on that one!


I will be working from the RV so I believe this laptop stand will become very useful. In addition I plan to prop it up at my feet so the fan can be elevated while we sleep. There is never enough storage in an RV, especially when the  little cubbies that one would usually put a book or their phones will be housing our clothes. This organizer is perfect because it slips under the mattress and won’t be using up any prime cabinet space.
Regular bath towels are SO BULKY. There is no way we can have 4 bath towels hanging in a bathroom the size of a small closet. I found these highly absorbent compact lightweight antibacterial quick dry camping towels and I know they will be perfect for our needs.


I am so excited for the smell of a camp fire. My husband is pretty great at making fires from nothing and I plan to take fully advantage of that by cooking anything and everything on the fire. This camp grill and cast iron skillet are the perfect tools for campfire cooking.
I’m not exactly sure how much fridge space I will have for fresh greens and I have loved this super greens powder for months now. It goes perfect in smoothies and gives me so much energy. I will definitely be repurchasing for this trip. I also have heard great things about these CLIF bars and you can’t go wrong with peanut butter filled anything. Perfect thing to throw in our backpacks for hikes or a late night snack.


And last but not least, some camping attire. Dying over our “Tryna Camp” shirt and you can never go wrong with more leggings (especially when you’re not sure how often you’ll be at a laundromat). I have a pair of these exact leggings already and LOVE them. Perfect for lounging around the RV and hiking alike.


Well that’s it for everything I’ll be purchasing new for the trip. Mostly we are bringing stuff from home (bed linens, cookware, etc) but it never hurts to be extra prepared especially on such a long trip. I can’t wait to post about all the vegan food we find along the way and about our experience traveling along the east coast as vegans.